Avoid These Bad Habits at School

You deserve a top-notch smile. This is why your dentist, Dr. Scott R. Adishian, strongly encourages you to do everything you can to maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, there are habits you can participate in at school that can negatively affect your oral health, and it’s best to avoid those habits as much as possible. Those habits are:

-Chewing on your nails and other hard objects: If you have the nervous habit of chewing on your nails, pens and pencils when you’re taking a test or completing an assignment, it’s time to change your ways. Chewing on these things can crack your tooth enamel and eventually damage the entire tooth. So, please avoid this habit as much as possible.

-Not drinking enough water: When you drink water, you wash your mouth. This can eliminate the bacteria and food particles that promote dental issues, dry mouth and even bad breath. So, do your best to sip on water throughout the day.

-Not chewing gum: When you chew gum, you increase your saliva production. When you increase your saliva production, you wash your teeth and gums from bacteria as well as neutralize the acid in the mouth. This can help you maintain a top-notch smile, so make sure to chew sugarless gum after every meal and snack.

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