Top Tips for a More Comfortable Time at the Dentist

Feeling uncomfortable at the dentist shouldn’t be an issue. We offer a number of tips to help you feel at ease and relaxed at our dental office. Making sure you feel comfortable with us is a top priority. Here are five tips to help you have a positive experience at our dental office.

– Telling your dental team of your discomfort is the most important step. When they know what is going on, they can help with amenities and tools to help you feel more at ease. So, at your next appointment, let Dr. Scott R. Adishian know how you feel.
– Dental technology has given rise to a number of tools to help patients feel relaxed. Whether it be listening to your favorite tunes, watching TV, taking in some pleasant aromas, or trying some medication, we can help you feel comfortable with your procedures.
– Speaking with Dr. Scott R. Adishian and understanding what will be happening may help you feel more at ease. When you have the knowledge, you feel more in control over your circumstances.
– We would love to show you around, so you can get comfortable with our dental team. This will help build a trusting relationship, which may help you feel more relaxed during your visits with us, as we strive to provide optimal dental care at the dentist in Arcadia, California.
– Don’t be afraid to let us know if you may need some form of sedation. We can discuss with you the options and see what may work best for you. At the office of Scott R. Adishian, DDS, Inc., we take our patient care seriously, ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed, before we start any procedure.

For more information and for more tips on helping you feel relaxed at the dentist, we invite you to contact at the office of Scott R. Adishian, DDS, Inc. for more information at 626-796-3700 today!