A Dental Bridge Anchored on Dental Implants Can Restore Multiple Teeth

Sports injuries, chronic periodontal disease, and severe tooth decay can sometimes result in the total loss of multiple teeth. Not only can this significantly hamper your ability to chew food for safe swallowing, it can also lead to a bevy of other oral complications.

In a situation like this, you should strongly consider scheduling an appointment Scott R. Adishian to explore your options for restoring the missing teeth. If you would like something more permanent than a removable partial denture, he might recommend installing a pair of dental implants capable of anchoring a dental bridge.  

This type of dental restoration begins with minimally invasive oral surgery where Dr. Scott R. Adishian inserts two titanium dental implants into the underlying bone structure. As time goes by the titanium material will gradually bond with the surrounding bone tissues to create two firm anchor points.

At that point Dr. Scott R. Adishian will take an impression of the area to start the process of creating a dental bridge. Once it has been cemented into place it will fully replace the basic function of the missing teeth.

If you live in the Arcadia, California, area and you are missing multiple teeth, you should call 626-796-3700 to explore the restoration options at Scott R. Adishian, DDS, Inc.