Unconsciously Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep Can Lead to Significant Dental Fractures

Unresolved stress can have a long-term effect on your medical and oral health. The chronic force of clenching and grinding your teeth can cause inflammation in your temporomandibular joints and cause dental fractures on one or more teeth.

It’s important to have these damaged teeth examined by a professional dentist like Dr. Scott R. Adishian to prevent a severe area of tooth decay from developing in the textures of the dental fracture. In many of these cases, the severity of the damage to the tooth enamel will largely influence the restoration method that Dr. Adishian presents to you.

It might be possible for Dr. Adishian to repair a minor fracture to be repaired with a standard amalgam or composite dental filling. If a large amount of the biting surface has been compromised, he might recommend repairing the damaged tooth with a special inlay or onlay filling.

Sometimes a dental fracture can be too large for Dr. Adishian to viably treat the tooth with a standard dental filling. Should this prove to be the case, he might recommend a total restoration of the tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. This will completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternative dental material.

Once the tooth has been fully repaired, you might want to sleep with a protective dental guard in your mouth to prevent further damage to your teeth.

It’s also worth noting that without some form of remediation or prevention the chronic tension applied to your temporomandibular joints could eventually lead to TMJ disorder.

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