Proper Flossing Technique

You know you should floss, but do you? For many people, flossing is a difficult habit to master. But with the proper techniques, however, you may find that flossing can be an easy, effective way to protect your oral health. When flossing, try to remember the following:

Withdraw about 18 inches of floss, which is approximately the distance from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. 

Wrap most of the withdrawn floss around a finger on one hand, and then wrap the remainder of the withdrawn floss around that finger on your other hand.

Pull the floss tight, then rub it between your teeth gently.

Upon reaching your gums, pull the floss taut so that it rubs against both sides of the tooth, then slide it up and down to remove plaque and debris lodged between your teeth.

With fresh sections of floss, repeat these steps for each tooth.

By following these steps and flossing regularly, you’ll find that your mouth will be healthier, your breath fresher, and (most importantly) your dental team happier! To get one-on-one training proper flossing, schedule a visit to our Arcadia, California, dental office by calling 626-796-3700. Our dentist, Dr. Scott R. Adishian, and the whole team at Scott R. Adishian, DDS, Inc. would love to help you improve your flossing. See you soon!