Know Your Symptoms and Ways to Treat Bad Breath

Have consistent breath odor? It may not be from the food you eat every day but from another issue related to your health. Scott R. Adishian, DDS, Inc.’s professionals want to inform and assist you with your oral care needs. There are many different causes which can result to your bad breath.

Any number of foods can leave chunks, resulting in odor as well as bacteria growth. The longer left alone, the more it grows. Saliva works hard to break down this food and bacteria, but this worsens when there is not enough saliva flow.

This can be the result of dry mouth, which can be the further outcome of problems with salivary glands, specific medications, or simply breathing through the mouth. If your dentist rules out any infections in the mouth (i.e. gum disease caused by plaque), see your doctor if it’s a side effect of medication or a health-related issue.

A large factor in bad breath is tobacco use or smoking. Both can result in the loss of senses such as smell or taste, put you at a higher risk for health problems, and of course, bad breath. Gum disease can also be another consequence, also causing bad breath.

Some solutions include quitting smoking and stop using tobacco, chewing sugarless gum or candies, eating healthy and chewy foods for saliva flow, consistently cleaning dentures, and keeping a consistent dental routine. This includes brushing twice a day as well as flossing every day. Seeing your dentist biannually will give you a greater possibility of catching any issues early.

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