Can You Help Your Bad Breath?

How often do you have to deal with bad breath? As you know, having bad breath can be an embarrassing experience. However, did you know that bad breath is typically caused by bacteria or by food particles in your mouth? While removing bacteria may be your best answer, there are a few things other options you can consider to attain immediate relief.

While you may think of using a breath mint first, please note that this may not be your best option. You see, most breath mints are high in sugar which can feed the bacteria that leads to bad breath. Instead of breath mints, you may want to consider sugar-free gum.

Still, it’s important to note that you can’t use gum to remove bad bacteria. However, chewing gum can still be an extremely useful option. As you probably know, chewing gum can mask bad breath—typically by covering bad odor with the flavor of your gum. Saliva flow will carry food particles and bad bacteria from your teeth—leaving your breath fresher. Fortunately, chewing gum—or eating crisp fruits or vegetables—can also help.       

You can also consider eating dairy products, such as cheese and unsweetened yogurt. While these foods don’t actually remove bacteria, they can neutralize the acids that are responsible for bad breath. Similarly, simply drinking water can be enough to wash away acid and carry away food particles.

However, please remember that the best thing you can do to prevent bad breath is keeping up your oral hygiene. If you’re worried about bad breath, please don’t hesitate to contact Scott R. Adishian, DDS, Inc. at 626-796-3700. Dr. Scott R. Adishian and our team look forward to hearing from you soon!