Implant-retained overdentures allow denture wearers to have a prosthesis with much less coverage of the oral structures (see top left) and which is very secure. Overdentures gain support from a combination of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth as well as implants. Ask Dr. Scott R. Adishian about an implant overdenture in Arcadia, California.

Overdentures have the advantage of allowing missing tissues to be replaced with the plastic flanges of the denture (see next page) In addition, overdentures are usually more cost effective than the fixed type of implant prostheses.

The implants may be attached together with a bar (top right) to distribute the forces evenly between them. The denture is then snapped onto attachments which are on the top of the bar. Alternatively, the denture may attach directly to attachments on the individual implants (see next page).

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