If a patient is missing all of their permanent teeth in their upper or lower jaw, Dr. Scott R. Adishian may recommend a complete denture in Arcadia, California. Prior to dental implants, complete dentures were the only choice for patients who were missing all of their teeth. Chewing efficiency and biting forces with complete dentures are one tenth of that possible with natural teeth. For financial and other reasons, some patients are unable to enjoy the advantages of the use of dental implants. However, the fit of the denture may be maximized by the use of a very accurate impression procedure called a “functional impression” technique. With this procedure, the patient’s musculature molds the shape of the impressions to allow for the best fit possible. New materials are available for use by the dentist to allow a very aesthetic result (see above). When the teeth are lost, the bone of the jaw resorbs slowly over time and the dentures do not fit as well as when they were first made. A reline of existing dentures renews the fit. However, if the bite has changed, the only option would be to re-fabricate the dentures.

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