Seven Oral Hygiene Resolutions for 2017

With the new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. You may resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, or read more books. A New Year’s Resolution to make and keep is to improve your brushing habits. Improving your oral hygiene can in turn improve your oral health. Below are seven bad brushing habits to break in 2017…. Read more »

Sugarless Gum Can Help Prevent Oral Decay

Believe it or not, sugarless gum can help prevent problems with your smile.  If plaque buildup continues to go unchecked and hardens into tartar your smile will suffer. Tartar can eat away at healthy gum tissue causing gingivitis, and if is not properly treated, will become a more serious form of gum disease. Sugarless gum… Read more »

Dental Crowns May Be Able to Help You

If you have painful, damaged, or broken teeth, there is a treatment available today to help you get back the smile you want. With our all-ceramic dental crowns, you can cap the affected tooth (or teeth) and enjoy the holiday season without the fear of pain or low self-esteem. Dr. Scott R. Adishian at will… Read more »

Excellent Oral Hygiene Includes Flossing Daily

Our oral hygiene is a compilation of all our daily oral health care habits coalesced into a whole. If one section of the whole is removed, the entire structure collapses. No amount of brushing your teeth can fully protect you from plaque and tartar buildup if you leave the spaces between teeth uncleaned. So remember… Read more »

Be Discreet with your Oral Health with Invisalign®

Have you ever wanted to get your teeth fixed, but feel self-conscious about wearing braces around your peers? There is now a wonderful new technology designed specifically with you in mind. The Invisalign® aligner system is designed to be discreet to give you the privacy you seek while your teeth are adjusted into an oral… Read more »

What Can Dental Checkups Do for You?

Have you ever heard that you should visit your dentist once every six months? While these cleanings may not seem like the highest priority—especially if you have school, work, or family—they are actually extremely important. Furthermore, would you be surprised to learn that visiting your dentist could actually be a way to save money? During… Read more »

Dazzle during the Holidays with a Bright Smile

With the holidays off and running as we count down to Halloween, is your smile ready? Halloween just started the ball rolling with the rest of the holidays following after, and we want to make sure your teeth are in their best shape yet. Dr. is pleased to offer whitening treatments that dissolve built-up stains… Read more »

Can You Help Your Bad Breath?

How often do you have to deal with bad breath? As you know, having bad breath can be an embarrassing experience. However, did you know that bad breath is typically caused by bacteria or by food particles in your mouth? While removing bacteria may be your best answer, there are a few things other options… Read more »

Fractured Teeth May Need Enamel Replacement

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is composed of a densely packed structure of microscopic mineral crystals. This is what makes your teeth hard enough to bite things off and chew tough foods. As strong as your teeth are there are times when a blow to the face, or other accident, can impart… Read more »

Have a Tooth Replaced with a Dental Implant

Your teeth are held firmly in their sockets by a series of small but strong periodontal ligaments. Even though nature has designed your teeth to hold steadfast, there are still times when a hard fall, blow to the face or other accident can knock one of your teeth out. This is a traumatic event, so… Read more »