During the early 1980’s, a new procedure became available in United States that had been available for many years prior to that in Scandinavia. It involved the use of one or more titanium dental implants, which were placed in the jaw to replace missing teeth. The procedure was developed by Dr. Branemark in Sweden, who found that bone would securely attach to surgical grade titanium. The attachment of bone in this way was called “Osseointegration.” This revolutionary discovery changed the future of dentistry. Dr. Scott R. Adishian has been replacing missing teeth using this system since 1984 with extremely high success.

When a patient is missing one or more permanent teeth, our dentist may recommend a dental implant in Arcadia, California. A dental implant fixture, or post, (see diagram at the left) is placed in the jaw using a relatively minor surgical procedure. Because the dental implant post is designed to fuse with bone, your dental implant will become a permanent part of your smile. Sometimes immediately, or more commonly following several weeks or months, a dental crown is attached to the implant (see photographs above) and normal function is restored.

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