Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? Are there gaps and spaces in your teeth? Dr. Scott R. Adishian may recommend a dental bridge in Arcadia, California. Fixed dental bridges, which are commonly called “fixed partial dentures,” are restorations that are permanently cemented in place. A fixed dental bridge restores your smile by bridging the gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth. They may be used in situations where dental crowns are needed on the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth. The replacement tooth (called a pontic) is attached between the dental crowns on the adjacent teeth (called abutments). A fixed bridge will also stabilize the adjacent teeth (abutments) which may drift out of alignment if they are left unattached. Replacing one or more missing teeth with a dental bridge will restore the beauty and functionality of your smile. You will again be able to chew and speak properly. A fixed dental bridge will maintain your face shape and restore your bite.

If the adjacent teeth are not in need of crowns, a dental implant is usually used so that the adjacent teeth do not have to be modified by unnecessary drilling.

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