For patients who have lost all of their permanent teeth in their upper or lower arch, Dr. Scott R. Adishian may recommend an implant denture in Arcadia, California. Illustrated below is a patient who was wearing a complete upper denture, but wanted to have a fixed ceramic bridge. After years of denture wearing and subsequent loss of bone, a three dimensional image was required to determine the feasibility of the treatment plan and to determine the amount of remaining bone and the ideal location of the implants.

Use of 3D Imaging to Guide the Placement of Dental Implants
It is important that the amount and location of available bone is determined prior to the placement of dental implants. Cone beam CT imaging is used for this purpose. Implant location and the possible need for bone grafts are often determined by such diagnostic procedures. A CT image and a 3D model of the patient’s jaw show a lack of bone in the front of the mouth, requiring either a graft procedure or for the placement of the implants farther back on the jaw.

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