Teeth which have more extensive loss of tooth structure due to decay or wear may require more extensive technique than the use of porcelain veneers. When a tooth needs its shape, size, strength, or appearance restored, Dr. Scott R. Adishian may recommend a metal-ceramic crown in Arcadia, California. A dental crown is custom made and encompasses the entire tooth and supports the remaining tooth structure. The dental crown may be made of a number of materials including: gold alloy, a metal-ceramic combination where porcelain is fused to a gold alloy substructure (illustrated above), or an all-ceramic material (illustrated on the following page). These metal-ceramic dental crowns are very strong in that the metal substructure reinforces the overlying porcelain material so that the restorations look and feel like natural teeth. These restorations may be used in any area of the mouth, but are especially useful in areas where the highest forces during chewing occur. They are also used when several teeth are connected in the restoration such as when a fixed dental bridge is required.

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